Architect and Contractor Coordination

March 10, 2015

Greg Zimmerman

The Difference Between Project Success and Failure

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When it comes to a project design, this is in the hands of the design professional. When it comes to construction, it is in the hands of  the contractor.  Not true. Consistent coordination between the office and the field is the difference between success and failure. Failure to correct issues in a timely manner. Failure to avoid costly mistakes and failure to keep the project on schedule are just a few consequences through lack of coordination. The design professional should be available to answer any questions, RFIs and other requirements that are sure to come up during construction. It is foolish to think that his or her job is completed once the plans are approved and permits are issued. In fact, the work may have just begun based on previous coordination during the design and value engineering phase. This practice between architect and contractor should commence when the design is in preliminary stages. Several budget, methods of construction and time sensitive issues such as long lead material orders can be planned for and anticipated through design. Every project will require coordination at all phases of design and construction. The sooner this is realized and implemented, the more successful the end result will be.


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G.M. Zimmerman