Our depth of expertise set us appart

We are committed to consistent client contact and personal service. To ensure attention to detail and quality, we will always be involved with each project, from start to finish

"Several things contribute to the success of a project. One is no more important than the other."
Greg Zimmerman

From A to Z

  • HUD, Tax Credit Project Administration Services
  • Preliminary Project Design Analysis
  • Code Analysis and Compliance
  • Bank and Lender Construction Draw
  • Bank Feasibility
  • Architectural Review for Community Design Conformance
  • Field Inspection for Design Review Compliance
  • Field Observation
  • Substantial Completion Project Certificate
  • Punch-out and Final Certificate of Occupancy Review

What sets us apart

  • HUD, Tax Credit Project Administration Services

    Our approach involves patience and a lot of groundwork: partnering with the entire team including the municipalities and community to develop creative solutions to complex land planning initiatives. This intensive approach has resulted in an enviable track record of completed projects that fall with in or exceed HUD standards.

  • Smart planning and design

    We have earned a national reputation for planning and entitling award-winning projects that balance great design with the goals of the local community, market feasibility and financial returns. We work in conjunction with our partners to assemble a team of professionals – leaders in their respective fields – to better understand the opportunities and constraints of each property.

  • Navigating complex regulatory environments

    The G.M. Zimmerman team has a long track record of developing strategies for and obtaining approvals of a variety of complex regulatory permits from local, regional, state and federal agencies. Members of the G.M. Zimmerman team remain in frequent contact with local and regional authorities to identify, monitor and influence proposed changes in legislation and regulations that may impact G.M. Zimmerman specifically, as well as industry-wide priorities.

  • Collaborative environmental accords

    Over the years, our team has had the opportunity to work with different partners to pursue approvals for some of the most important projects.  In creating these extraordinary assets and maximizing the value of these assets, we have earned a noteworthy reputation of working collaboratively with a wide range of environmental and conservation entities.